“We built this universe, this technology, these connections, this society, and all we can do with it is make junk. All we can do with it is put on stupid entertainments. I'm not buying it.” –Seth Godin

Tell Congress: Don’t censor the Web

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No logo

Here’s a bit of old news, but I’ve been meaning to post this for quite some time. And driving out to a local electronics chain in the burbs Saturday night reinforced the interest and appropriateness as I gawked at the new LED billboards illuminating the sprawling conduits of the shopping mall mystique that is Germantown.

Billboards became illegal in Brazil beginning in 2007. There are great photo documentaries if you Google the story where you can see the old Sãu Paulo that looked like a cereal isle in the grocery store and the new São Paulo with the festive colored walls, architecturally blanketed hillsides and tree lines surrounding the city. The No Logo Flickr set mentioned here provides an artistically sculptural interpretation of the now empty billboard frames throughout the city.

And of course my pinko sensibilities are being caressed. Take a look. From Ping Magazine, Japan. Yes, the irony, that this story comes from the capital of in-your-face digital/LED/you-name-it/as-big-as-it-can-get advertising.

Photo: Tony de Marco

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Responsible branding

NY Times Magazine has been running columns on responsible branding. This week the article starts with the words “Corporate social responsibility.” Worth checking out. The core premise features the shift of corporations giving back to the poor from sales to the wealthy to brands being directly targeted at the poor or needy with those branded items being a necessity among them — the responsibility part.

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Obama’s fine line

We progressive liberals are guilty of a set of no-win contradictions. We accuse the current administration of a mad cowboy agenda devoid of the ability to respectfully negotiate any situation while wielding a mighty sword from an inflatable pedestal ourselves accepting no compromise. On the other hand, our liberal politicians enter the circus evangelizing against corporate politics and election buying while doing what’s necessary to raise the $7m required to even run a modestly successful congressional race. The latter, despite its inevitability, often comes back to haunt anyone running as an *outsider. What to do? Can you reform without living the contraction? Can you follow through and be consistent without the politically suicidal rhetoric (and reality) of invoking outright revolution?

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Ink and sulfer

butterfly tattooTiger swallowtail. Coming up on two weeks since, and the arm is healing nicely. Jonesing for the monarch on the other forearm. Seems Underground Art has put the piece front and center in their portfolio. Nice work Paul, and thanx, I’ll be back soon.

Now, about what Hugo said…I mean, metaphorically, I’m there. Bush can’t really be the devil as there is no such thing. But it’s certainly nice to hear someone with such a mouthpiece say it out loud, and so loud. And to be so poetic with the “smell of sulfur” thing. It’s enlightening how critical American politicians are of Hugo’s autocratic cult-of-personality style leadership—they are obviously very familiar with these characteristics, though silent when it’s born of their own turf. I heard one commentator be quite on the mark by drawing a comparison between Hugo’s rhetoric and Bush’s. One from the left and one from the right doesn’t mean they’re not exactly the same. Of course, me being a pinko, I take it quite hard when a comrade is stylistically equated to Bush despite the legitimacy of the observation. Then again, it is Hugo. That guy’s a riot.

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