“We built this universe, this technology, these connections, this society, and all we can do with it is make junk. All we can do with it is put on stupid entertainments. I'm not buying it.” –Seth Godin

Tell Congress: Don’t censor the Web

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Turning managers into leaders

We are doing some reading at work. For our routine manager’s meeting — which is exactly where managers belong, in meetings — we were assigned six articles to read from HBR. The articles are fascinating and enlightening, but not so much as the discussion and debate that ensues.

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Don’t brown out to mediocrity

The subject of multi-tasking has been showing up in pop-psychology circuits for a decade now. The dialog is perpetuated by a growing arsenal of gadgetry and software that make our lives better through increased efficiency. But is efficiency being misconstrued? Efficiency is a process, not a result. And it appears that efficiency is experiencing a mid-life crisis, having a sultry closet affair with multi-tasking and breeding a love child called mediocrity.

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Seriously old school

John Malmo’s Two-Minute Business Pearls continue to annoy the crap out of me. They come on 91.1 WKNO around the 7:30 AM break. I’m sure it all sounds great when accompanied by the soundtrack of Leave It To Beaver streaming from an RCA Flip Top. But sandwiched between Morning Edition segments about a historic African American presidential nominee and ground breaking autism research it sounds more like the self appreciative ramblings of an industry veteran trying desperately to hang on to his relevancy.

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No logo

Here’s a bit of old news, but I’ve been meaning to post this for quite some time. And driving out to a local electronics chain in the burbs Saturday night reinforced the interest and appropriateness as I gawked at the new LED billboards illuminating the sprawling conduits of the shopping mall mystique that is Germantown.

Billboards became illegal in Brazil beginning in 2007. There are great photo documentaries if you Google the story where you can see the old Sãu Paulo that looked like a cereal isle in the grocery store and the new São Paulo with the festive colored walls, architecturally blanketed hillsides and tree lines surrounding the city. The No Logo Flickr set mentioned here provides an artistically sculptural interpretation of the now empty billboard frames throughout the city.

And of course my pinko sensibilities are being caressed. Take a look. From Ping Magazine, Japan. Yes, the irony, that this story comes from the capital of in-your-face digital/LED/you-name-it/as-big-as-it-can-get advertising.

Photo: Tony de Marco

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